Hello, my name is Barbara Nicholson and I am a Psychotherapist and Professional Counsellor working in the inner Melbourne Metropolitan area and in the Dandenong Ranges. I love to help people feel empowered, to manage their emotions better, and to build lasting and fulfilling relationships. Everyone has the right to a happy and healthy life.


Do you need someone to talk to?


Sometimes people need some help for a range of psychological conditions such as PTSD, depression and anxiety, the effects of early childhood trauma and addictions.


As people, trying to live the best life we can, we often come up against difficulties that affect the quality of our life, our relationships and often our work situation. Imagine feeling happy, comfortable in yourself, more secure in your relationships, and less stressed. That’s what counselling is all about.


I can help you find ways to better manage some areas in your life, such as


  • Reduce your anxiety
  • Feel more comfortable in yourself
  • Feel a sense of direction in your life
  • Feel secure in your relationship

These challenges in your life often have far-reaching outcomes – relationships ending, loss of a job, even serious health issues. As human beings, we are remarkably resilient, and with the right help, guidance and support I believe we are able to make the changes required to live the life we desire.


We often find ourselves facing situations in life that seem difficult and overwhelming – to the extent that we just don’t know where to begin to sort it all out. During our sessions together we can start to make sense of it all, to understand more deeply what is happening, and to find a way forward that will enable you to make the changes in your life that result in feelings of greater happiness, empowerment, success and wellbeing.


The process of psychotherapy is an effective way to bring about these changes in a safe, respectful and confidential environment.


You can find out more about me, my training and the way that I work on this website.


I am a Clinical Member of the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia


PACFA Register No 21134

ARCAP Register